How To Chase Your Passions & set up Your office From Anywhere in the world!

How To Chase Your Passions & set Up

Your Office From

Anywhere In The World!

Build A Personal Brand And Business Online, Even If You Have No Idea Where To Start, No Following, And No Tech Experience!

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This is not just another online marketing training platform where you get access to a handful of generic videos with absolutely no support. You're getting access to over 100+ hours of guided content. Everything we teach here, we implement day in and day out in our own businesses!

here's what you will Discover inside build your empire university

beginner friendly Training to start making an income online

The program contains over 100+ Hours of video trainings, from complete beginners, setting up, to getting started and making commissions online.

Instant Access To Build Your Empire University, Anytime, Anywhere

This is a worldwide platform! Which means you'll be able to operate your side hustle or new online career from anywhere on earth you can find wifi!

From The Basics To Advanced Strategies, You'll learn At Any Level

Regardless of what experience you have online you will discover everything you need to know to start creating a real and successful online business.

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the build your empire University family is growing faster than ever before

the time is now

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access everything you need to build a profitable business from the ground up

With over 9 evergrowing and always updated training modules explaining all the crucial steps to making your first sales online. The Build Your Empire University #BYEU will provide and equip you with everything you could need to start and grow an online business this year.

module one

The foundations

  • Official Welcome From The Founders
  • ​About The Program & Join Private Facebook Group
  • ​How Affiliate Marketing Works
  • ​Why Becoming An Entrepreneur Is The Best Decision

module two

the discovery process

  • The Discovery Process Explained
  • ​How To Succeed From The Beginning
  • ​Defining Your Personal Income Goals
  • ​Advice From Many Of Our Success Students To Win Online!

module three

business launch blueprint

  • Training From A Man Responsible For Over $100 Million In Sales from his business
  • ​The Absolute Best Offer You Can Use To Start An Online Business fast
  • ​Live Demonstration Of Exactly How Everything Works
  • ​Understanding How You Can Get Paid From This Business even if you have no experience

module four

Pre-coaching call

  • Brodie & Ash Recap Some Of The Business Blueprint 
  • ​Breaking Down Important Points Before Your Call
  • ​How This Works In Different Countries Globally
  • ​​Then After This A Coaching Call With An Elite Coach

module five

funding your business

  • create finance tactics implemented by the best
  • ​how to make the most of finances in your country
  • ​More Financial Experts Trainings Being Added

bonus modules

30-day sprint

  • Step-By-Step Blueprint Training To Achieve Success Online
  • ​The 4-Phase Training System
  • Social Media, Advertising, Mindset, Affiliate Set Up, Marketing Trainings, 5K Method, Photography / Editing, Dream Client Training
  • ​Plus Everything else you need to start earning income within the next 30 days or less!

start Your Own Online Business by joining build your empire University!

Plus, For The Next 72 Hours ONLY You Will Receive These Awesome Bonuses Included Free!


bonus modules

the copywriting mastery 


For a limited time, we will be offering the Copywriting mastery course. This was previously recorded live and will help take you from someone who's never written a thing, to becoming a high performing expert. 

  • You'll see all structures and processes that go into creating high-converting ads & social media posts
  • ​Get your ads critiqued and see other members
  • ​Get the best opportunity to succeed from
  • ​follow the Same proven methods that has helped hundreds of our members earn income online

Plus, you'll receive the mindset 101 course completely fREE when you join Now!

Valued at $997

bonus modules

the mindset 101 course


The Mindset 101 course will help get your head on straight so that you can achieve success even if you think you can't or don't have what it takes. Quickly learn the fundamentals of how to think with the most recommended Hypnotherapist in the world Adrien Wesley. 

  • take your mindset to the next level 
  • ​reprogram Your Brain For greater Success
  • ​think in ways that Accelerate your results 

message from the founders

A Message From The Founders at build your empire University

This is not just another generic online marketing training platform where you get access to a handful of generic outdated videos with absolutely no support. There are hundreds of courses like that everywhere right now and frankly, there are also way too many fake gurus, and online career coaches selling courses about things they aren't actually even doing themselves! Everything we teach here, we implement day in and day out in our own businesses!

Now, before we tell you more about Build Your Empire (BYE) University let me tell you a true story about what really pushed us to create this platform in the first place. We both recieve messages on social media frequently from people asking for help and we'd seen more and more people starting something but not being able to gain any real traction. 

For them to progress, it felt like people were just stack selling them more and more, telling them it's what they needed when it couldn't be further from the truth. 

So after seeing 30+ different people with very similar stories, we decided that we needed to launch BYE University, so that people could learn from the ones that actually do this for a living and have done for many years. 

Build Your Empire University students get access to 100+ hours of detailed video lessons, worksheets and an incredible community. 

We also have weekly live trainings in our exclusive private Facebook group that you'll get access to and you can even ask questions live! 

Our focus is our community and building the best culture, whilst delivering the most up to date trainings to help you achieve profound results. 

BYEU has become one big online family, and has helped so many people create and live their dream lifestyles!

see what our community is saying

"The training makes it very easy to understand for a newbie"

We are an adventurous and family oriented family from Sydney and all we wanted to do was raise our children ourselves and show them the beauty of the world instead of watching them through a phone screen. We started this business with little to no experience within the online space. Abbas came from the security industry and Safa from the Early childhood industry. Two very saturated industries and physically demanding. 

We spent 110 hours a week at work while we tried to raise 2 children at the time. It was chaos. It was draining and it didn't give us the goals we wanted. 6 months into this business we replaced our full time incomes. We spent all our time at home raising our own children and started traveling the world. The training makes it very easy to understand for a newbie and is super flexible to work around you and your lifestyle. 

Our community is built to help you truly succeed and enhance your mindset skills. Over the last 4 years of being in this business, we can honestly say we never would have imagined our lives like this. We welcomed our third child into the world in 2020 and for the first time , Abbas was there from day one watching him grow and learn about the world around him. 

We can't wait to see you flourish and grow within BYEU! Will this be ONE DAY or your DAY ONE?


"We have met some of our best mates through this space, the community is by far our favourite part!"

Signing up to BYEU could possibly be the single best thing we have ever done with our lives. 

We started this journey about a year ago with BYEU and have managed to quit your jobs, replace our income and LOVE what we do more than ever.

Most importantly, we are actually happy!

The training, support and motivation you receive from the leaders is phenomenal. They genuinely care about your success and it’s incredible to be in a non competitive environment.

We have met some of our best mates through this space, the community is by far our favourite part! 

If we didn’t say that “yes” a little of a year ago we would still be sad, poor and unfulfilled. 

We are forever grateful for this platform and how it’s changed our lives completely. 

Kirstey & Jacko

a quick message from Marissa

Plus A Special Note From Our Super Affiliate Marissa Giunta

“If you're anything like me, you saw this dream life for yourself BUT then reality hit & life took you another way. IF your current path isn't pushing you toward your future goals, it's time to step up and make the change!”


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Ready to build Your Own highly profitable business online?

here's what you get when you join Build Your Empire University today:

For literally just $1 usd fOR 7 DAYS (tHEN $99 USD/MONTH, CANCEL ANYTIME.

  • All-Inclusive Training Platform & System With Pre Built Sales Funnels & Access To Our Recommended High-Ticket Offers ($4997 Of Value)
  • ​High Level Training From Experts Across The Globe - Social Media Mastery, Click By Click Video Training ($1,997 Of Value)
  • ​Expert Strategy Call ($497 Of Value)
  • ​A Sales Team ($55/Hr Of Value)
  • ​​Ongoing Mentorship & Coaching (200/HR Of Value)
  • ​Being Part Of An Amazing Community ($100/Month Of Value)
  • ​​​Opportunity To Make A Change (Priceless)
  • ​​​30 DAY SPRINT program outlining what to do every day to ensure success (BONUS)
  • ​​The Mindset 101 Course. (BONUS)
  • ​​The Copywriting Mastery Recordings (BONUS)

You get access to all of this & more when you join Build Your Empire university today.


We've got hundreds of testimonials

what others say saying about #BYEU

"Within the first 60 days of starting my business I had done $50K in sales"

Build Your Empire University has been amazing since day 1! When starting on my journey to learn about creating my online business doing high ticket affiliate marketing I knew almost immediately after watching the videos that this was 100% the business that I wanted to start to change my life. I couldn't believe how amazing the products, compensation plan and training platform was and it was clear from BYEU that the level of support and community was going to be top notch! 

After I invested in myself and started this incredible journey I was full speed into the training, soaking it all up. Within the first 60 days of starting my business I had done $50K in sales-YEP that's right-$50K!!!!!!! BYEU gave me the platform to make my job easy and share it with others so they could see the life changing opportunity this presents. 

 I am so thankful that we have this amazing community, training and that while this is MY business I am not alone in the support and resources we have to share with others so they can achieve incredible levels of success. 

Thank you BYEU for being affordable, relatable and passionate about our business, what we do and how to do it so we can create the success with our businesses that will change our lives!!

Kristy Vomund

"We have both gained so much confidence within ourselves"

My partner Mitch started with BYEU before me. At first I was a little skeptical as most would be with doing something online. I started noticing his moods improving, his mental health seemed to flourish with nothing but positive vibes, he was happier and he was making money online. 

I decided I wanted in. And WOW is all I can say. It has changed my life for the better. Not only the money side but the mental side. We are stronger as a team together now, we get out more and do more activities together. We are both on the road to leaving our full time jobs and live out the life of our dreams. We plan to travel Australia full time with my son and our camper van! 

This would all not be possible without BYEU. The training provided is incredible, and the price you are paying for it in my opinion is next to none! We have both gained so much confidence within ourselves and our future looks brighter! 

We are both in jobs that we feel didn’t serve our purpose, BYEU has given us that, and to be able to help others achieve the same is an incredible feeling. We have loved connecting with all the other amazing members of the community, as well as learning off them and then sharing that with our teams. Here’s to living the rest of our lives on our terms!


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Plus - we're Also Loved On Trustpilot 

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Build Your Empire University is proven high-performance training platform for individuals just like you who...

  • Are driven, motivated & have a strong work ethic
  • ​Want unlimited earning potential
  • ​Have a growth mindset
  • ​Value Time & Financial Freedom
  • ​Want more in life
  • ​Are willing to learn, and put in the work.

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