Affiliate Code Of Conduct

Affiliate Code of Conduct

This code of conduct, which may be changed, amended, or revised from time to time, is an integral part of the general terms and conditions for building your empire. All partners must fully comply with this code of conduct.

This Code of Conduct is designed to protect the rights and safety of everyone. However, each partner will remain responsible and accountable for their actions, and Build Your Empire University is not responsible or liable for this attitude. For the avoidance of doubt, Build Your Empire University is not responsible for the content of third-party websites and is not responsible for third-party websites' content. All Build Your Empire University partners analyze, understand, and follow the Partner Code of Conduct detailed below, as well as your Build Your Empire University Partnership Agreement, which all partners must accept when they sign up for your Build Your Empire University Affiliate Program.

1. Each partner must comply with all laws, rules, and regulations that apply to their activities, including, but not limited to, those relating to marketing, privacy, social media, consumer protection, and advertising. Each partner must also follow all applicable industry guidelines and best practices.

2. After all, each Affiliate must:

• Review, understand, and follow your Partner Code of Conduct and Build Your Empire University Partnership Agreement set out below, which all partners must accept when enrolling in your Build Your Empire University Program.

• Do not use the name "Build Your Empire University" on social media or their domain names, including account names, groups, pages, events, or paid marketing.

• Refrain from illegal or inappropriate acts (such as but not limited to criminal acts (e.g., discrimination, racism, defamation, harassment, phishing, fraud, SPAM, etc.), cruel acts, copyright infringement, a) Trademark or other IP rights violation, privacy violation, use of malware or spyware, etc.);

• Do not use any personal information about anyone (including their name) unless Affiliate has the individual's prior written consent;

• Comply with all responsible authority guidelines, as consumer and market authorities in all relevant or applicable jurisdictions. This includes that each Affiliate must ensure that all advertising is transparent and fair and that all advertisements comply with user guidelines and promotions for recommendations and recommendations, including, but not limited to Disclosing (i) material links between the Assistant and Subsidiaries, (ii) requests endorsement and (iii) any compensation received by the approver for his approval. Related parties may not use the word "free" or substantially equivalent claims unless the claim is accurate. Related parties agree to use a reasonable/necessary income disclaimer and remain relevant to compliance.

• Do not make false statements or publish misleading information, including income claims

• not change or hide certain information or disclaimers;

• No screenshot/share commission numbers or details of public payments and claims. Affiliates are only allowed to share "commission emails" with commission numbers/revenue/details unclear or entirely deleted.

• Comply with and comply with the terms and conditions of third-party services that you use, including, but not limited to, social media services, search engine marketing systems, and other third-party services;

• Do not use lotteries, lotteries, prizes, points, or other incentives to participate in their activities; or promote through an external unapproved CPA network;

• Do not offer a union or brokerage to any third party without Build Your Empire University's prior written consent;

• not include pricing information in their activities without prior written consent;

• not circumvent security measures or tracking systems or attempt to automate or fake activity via links;

• Do not change the link or transaction tracking code in any way.

• Do not use Build Your Empire University to solicit or direct other members to join other marketing businesses at various levels.

• Don't use Build Your Empire University to promote another company by direct selling or multilevel marketing. Partners can use education learned in  Build Your Empire University but not our sales funnels or materials for external companies.

• Do not make it appear that a partner website or services are provided or approved directly by Build Your Empire University

• Do not display any content beside or by clicking on third-party content if the content itself violates this Code of Conduct;

• Do not use Build Your Empire University funnels, infrastructure, or intellectual property to lead offers that are not approved or included on the Build Your Empire University platform.

• Do not create or participate in a Build Your Empire University division or any platform that competes with Build Your Empire University and continue to use Build Your Empire University partner funnels, infrastructure, or intellectual property without Build Your Empire University's prior written permission.

• Do not intentionally rob/steal leads. We have a 0% tolerance policy. Affiliates who violate this policy will be removed without notice, and all commissions will be deducted.

• Comply with all data protection laws, rules, and regulations in all relevant jurisdictions.

• Follow all reasonable Build Your Empire University requirements, including, but not limited to, Build Your Empire University notices and removal procedures.

3. In case an Affiliate uses automated systems or software applications for its activities, Affiliate shall ensure that the use thereof shall not cause a breach of this Code of Conduct. The relevant Affiliate is responsible and accountable for any actions so taken.

4. An Affiliate is entirely responsible and accountable for the development, operation, and upkeep of its site(s) and database(s) and for any content that might appear on its website(s). For the avoidance of doubt, Build Your Empire University is not responsible for content on 3rd party sites and does not accept any liability for the material on 3rd party websites. In this respect, a referral is likewise made to the notification and additional treatment of Build Your Empire University.

5. Affiliates shall make sure that all their activities abide by pertinent legal guidelines and guidelines relating to SPAM and will guarantee that a minimum of the following terms is met:
all email lists need to be opt-in lists whereby the recipient has pre-approved and accepted get email messages specifically from the Affiliate. No rented, rented, or 3rd party lists might be utilized;
an Affiliate may not promote in any way that effectively conceals or misrepresents its identity, its domain name, or their return email address;
the Affiliate is the sender of the email, according to (anti-) SPAM rules (this includes that (i) the Affiliate must be determined in the "From:" field of the email, (ii) the Affiliate must state in the email how the Affiliate obtained the recipient's email address and (iii) the Affiliate must explain that Build Your Empire University. is not the sender of the email);

An Affiliate will not send out email traffic from its databases, or 3rd party databases to any Build Your Empire University offers or the Build Your Empire University network. All traffic related to email promos will be declined and marked as unqualified.

6. Unless otherwise stated, all possessions inside the Build Your Empire University platform come from Build Your Empire University. An affiliate shall erase, recall, and stop using the content of Build Your Empire University right away after their involvement in the relevant program ends.

7. An Affiliate represents and requires that it respond to all customer grievances within twenty-four (24) hours of an alert. In this regard, referral is also made to Build Your Empire University Notice and Takedown Procedure.

8. Each Affiliate will keep a personal privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") that abides by all appropriate personal privacy laws, guidelines, and guidelines in each relevant jurisdiction. The Affiliate Privacy Policy shall include that each site of an Affiliate enables 3rd parties, consisting of Clients, to put material within its media. Each such site can share any info so collected with third parties, such as Clients, as contemplated thereunder.

9. In case of a supposed breach of this Code of Conduct by an Affiliate, Affiliate will comply with all examinations and demands from or on behalf of Build Your Empire University. The applicable Affiliate shall offer all information essential connected with such investigation or inquiry to Build Your Empire University.

10. Each Affiliate acknowledges that on the occasion that the Affiliate has breached this Code of Conduct, its name and address might in specific circumstances be disclosed by Build Your Empire University to a 3rd party.

11. Each Affiliate acknowledges and agrees that by clicking on the button labeled "I Agree" (or comparable links as may be designated by Build Your Empire University) the appropriate Affiliate accepts the pertinent arrangement(s), terms and conditions, or even more code(s) and/or procedure(s) and that by doing so that Affiliate is submitting a lawfully binding electronic signature and is entering into a lawfully binding contract. The appropriate Affiliate acknowledges that Affiliate's electronic submission constitutes Affiliate's agreement and intent to be bound by the pertinent contract(s), conditions, or different code(s) and/or procedure(s).

12. Build Your Empire University may amend, supplement, or modify this Code of Conduct at any time, and such amended, supplemented, or modified Code of Conduct will automatically be used. As a result of this, each Affiliate pre-approves and agrees to any amended, supplemented, or revised Code of Conduct.

13. Build Your Empire University reserves the right to remove any affiliate without notification at their discretion immediately.

14. Once a member reaches a leadership level in Build Your Empire University/ the most excellent converting offer; they cannot have several companies they use Build Your Empire University for or promote. If at any time they do, they will be removed as an affiliate.